We will continue to provide remote and on-site service to our clients and those who may need special assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. As information technology providers, we are included in the Critical Infrastructure Workforce. Please email us at contact@dunewood.com or call 616-259-5360 if you require assistance.

From the creative freelancer or entrepreneur to small and medium-size business, we look for customers who share a vision to collaborate with us in relationship to the technology they require to keep them doing what they do best. Our mission is to see that each customer gets their exact needs met by the technology solutions we offer.

Web Development

  • Custom Website Development
  • Integration with Google Drive, Shared Drives, Calendar, Maps and YouTube
  • Graphic and Brand Analysis
  • Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint
  • Digital Workplace and Intranet Solutions
  • Content Management System Support
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Free Initial Consultation at 616-259-5360

Information Technology

  • Network Installations
  • G-Suite Deployment and Management
  • Hybrid Solutions with G-Suite and Office 365
  • Google Voice and VoIP Communication
  • Managed IT Service Provider
  • Change Management Consulting
  • Cyber Security Analysis
  • Cost-effective Migrations and Training
  • Free Initial Consultation at 616-259-5360

Media Production

  • Promotional Videos
  • Streaming and Open Broadcast
  • Performance Lighting & Audio Services
  • Design-Build Media Services
  • House of Worship Solutions
  • Cost-effective Training
  • Free Initial Consultation at 616-259-5360