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Providing IT solutions at the intersection of what business demands and technology delivers.

We Can Partner to Create the Reliable IT Support Your Business or Organization Requires 

Managing today’s information technology and the escalating complexities and hassles associated with IT is frequently an overwhelming task for many businesses.


As a result, your business or organization may not be receiving the best performance and return on investment from your infrastructure, business applications, communications, and related technology solutions.

By outsourcing your IT functions to Dunewood, you can focus on your core operations while relying on experts to manage the technology needs.


This can often lead to cost savings, improved system reliability, enhanced security, and access to the latest technologies and best practices in IT management.

Managed IT Support

Dunewood wants to see your business succeed. We will work alongside you to determine the best solutions and then maintain those solutions so you never have to second guess your decision. Our goal is to maximize your IT investment so you can focus on what’s really important--your business. 

Cloud Solutions

Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and UniFi Networks are among the cloud solutions which can create increased collaboration, individual productivity, improved communication, and greater securiity for you.

Audio Visual Integration

We believe the blending of technologies related to hearing and sight creates a unified whole. DTS will collaborate with you in a process of coordinating speakers, microphones, projectors, displays, control panels, and other technologies into a functioning solution.

Network Installations

We design and install UniFi networks as the heart of your IT infrastructure ensuring that it is secure, reliable, and performing optimally. Our networks also support such solutions as security cameras, phone technologies, and building access control systems.


Dunewood provides security solutions to protect your systems and data from cyber threats. This includes services such as firewall management, antivirus, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, and advanced email security.

Web Development

Collaborate with us to create a website from scratch or redesign and enhance an existing one. We can assist with graphic analysis and create a cost-effective, scalable site that you can manage. In addition, we can assist  with developing a planned approach to your social media management.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Solution Partners


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Industry Awards

A.J. Dufendach
Garage Kept Motors

"The team was super professional in our transition to Google suite platform. Lots of hard work and dedication in making sure all our accounts function properly. Highly recommend. Thank you!"

Jennifer Lynn
Kuipers Lynn & Associates

"They were responsive when we called about Internet working issues. They got the issue fixed and we never felt a hiccup. The follow-up was attentive and reassuring."

John Brunner
Senior Finance Professional

"I had a serious and urgent technical issue, so I turned to Dunewood Technology. I knew that they would figure out how to handle it successfully, and they did."
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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

In the context of technology, the term "ecosystem" refers to a complex and interconnected network of software, hardware, services, and users that work together to provide a complete and cohesive set of functions or solutions.


Your ecosystem may evolve, and you may need to adapt to changing requirements, and technologies over time. Therefore, maintaining flexibility and a commitment to continuous improvement with a solution partnership with Dunewood is essential. 

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