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Using AI to Increase Productivity

The makers of ChatGPT, the newest cutting-edge AI application, appear to be the topic of conversation across the entire internet. There are many useful applications for the program, even if we've all seen screenshots of people poking fun at it and pushing its boundaries while asking humorous questions.

It's not all fun and games, though. In fact, ChatGPT might even transform the way our IT team conducts their daily business.

At Dunewood, we use a cloud-based application called ATERA for remote management and monitoring. It enables us to gain access, visibility, and control over all our networks and devices from anywhere.

Atera's smart ticketing feature, now powered by ChatGPT, helps summarize tickets, provides tailored reply suggestions, and proposes optimal solutions. We believe it will increase our productivity and ability to establish better collaborative connections with our clients.


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