Web Development

Responsive Internet Solutions

With some 1.8 billion websites live today, it doesn't mean that one in every four people know how to code a site into existence. Not too many years ago, website development was expensive and many sites are no longer responsive to the growing use of mobile devices. The playing field has changed and we are here to provide cost-effective solutions.

Website Design & Deployment

We love to develop and design responsive websites quickly and easily with Google Sites that integrate Google Drive, Calendar, Maps and YouTube. Dunewood can also renovate existing websites, and migrate traditional websites over to other platforms such as WIX or Google Sites. Google Sites takes advantage of working in the cloud, Google's 99.9% reliability, and no hosting fees. Please contact our design team if you would like us to work on your website or build a new one.

  • Custom site logo, theme color and favicon

  • Shared Drives and Calendar integration

  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds

  • Site Search, Image Carousel

  • Google Analytics

Digital Workplaces & Intranet Solutions

Digital workplaces and intranets securely share content from your Google Drive or Shared Drives and adapts its design to whatever device the viewer uses. We provide secure and private environments to enable the fast and easy collaboration for your organization or business. These collaborative sites are your escape from management via email. We have provided solutions for schools, churches, and small business. Contact us for a free consultation about the benefits of a digital workplace.

  • Responsive Design

  • Employees/Staff Only Option

  • Google Shared Drives & Google Sites Integration

Content Management System Support

With nearly 60% of all websites using a content management system, we understand that you might need help managing your digital content. Our people bring decades of experience with various CMS applications, and although we take pride in providing Google solutions, we are smart enough to know that others exist. Can we help you with any of the following frameworks?

  • WordPress, Wix, Weebly

  • Squarespace, Clover Sites

  • Google Sites, Django