Meet Our Team

Creating Collaborative Connections


Kirby Chittenden

Creative Director

Iteration is an important concept which Kirby promotes at Dunewood. He believes a strong approach to successful business requires an ability to adapt to the environment and respond by making continuous adjustments. This iterative process builds momentum and the continuous improvement through which collaboration becomes the new norm.

With a demonstrated history of working in the information technology, education, and service industries, Kirby is skilled in customer service, strategic planning, and leadership. He is a business development professional and holds a master's degree from Grand Valley State University. He creates time to engage in community and non-profit efforts and enjoys running, cycling, writing, and music. He provides Dunewood with an extensive background in solution architecture, project management, consulting, software design, and training.

Jeff Chittenden

Technical Director

Dunewood provides an ideal environment for Jeff to apply his system-oriented approach and problem-solving in a variety of settings. As an Information Systems and Network Engineering graduate of Grand Valley State University, his technical training and experience is spread across software application and website development within Agile environments, network engineering, computer sciences, technical support, and systems administration. He is also proficient in media production technology, including professional lighting, sound engineering, projection, film, videography, and post production.

He is always eager to apply his programming skills in HTML, XML, RML, Visual Basic, C++, Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Python. He is also familiar with various frameworks and development applications such as Django, Bootstrap, Angular, and Git. Simply stated, Jeff is the technical backbone behind our mission: creating collaborative connections at the intersection of what business demands and technology delivers.

Technical Consultants

Austin Hruskach

Technical Consultant

Austin Hruskack served as our first intern in 2021 assisting us with network management responsibilities. He serves Dunewood as a technical consultant who will perform a variety of tasks based on the individual needs of our solution partners. Austin will provide technical support and proceed to make improvements to help you achieve success. 

He is a Muskegon Community College student with experience in Autodesk and Adobe Creative Cloud application suites. He also has a background in Microsoft Office, KHTML, HTML5, and WordPress. Austin is a self-taught Amateur Radio enthusiast and enjoys woodworking, metalwork, and a variety of digital media. 

Ari Abraham

Technical Consultant

Ari Abraham is a graduate of Grand Haven High School now attending Michigan Technological University where he has helped maintain technology infrastructure and communicate with customers at the University. His academic focus is cybersecurity and he recently participated in the MTU security infrastructure simulation team.  

He recently completed a successful 12-week internship with Dunewood overseeing areas of infrastructure management and cybersecurity. We are excited about his technical and customer service abilities. Ari will continue to assist us remotely from the MTU campus as he enters his Junior year. 

Strategic Partner

Elizabeth Whitmore

Strategic Partner for Graphic Design

Dunewood appreciates the alliances we build with others who assist us in our mission. As a graphic analyst and designer, Elizabeth strives to explore innovative ideas and to create solutions for every project. She has the knowledge and expertise to express ideas visually in a clear and direct way. Her approach focuses on achieving a design that represents our clients accurately and favorably. Elizabeth is organized, self-motivated, and has a love of learning which makes her a valuable and essential part of the Dunewood team. 

Our Vision

Our passion is to CONNECT with entrepreneurs and business leaders in a COLLABORATIVE relationship to CREATE the technology solutions they require to keep them doing what they do best. Our mission is to see that our partners get their needs met at the intersection of what business demands and technology delivers.


Who does the technology impact?


What capabilities will infrastructure, hardware, and software systems provide?


What system and workflow changes are required?


How will the technology challenge mindset and belief systems?

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